A little bit about me…

When beginning my midwife apprenticeship and education through Indie Birth, I wanted to fill the gap between medical, pathological birth and home birth, physiological birth in hopes to understand the transition. I seek to support women in the “in-between” as I have been there myself. The birth of my first daughter was at a small, rural hospital and the inspiring and empowering natural birth of my second daughter in a birth center. The care and mindset going into each pregnancy was drastically different, and I hope to bridge that gap for others in doula work. I am passionate about educating and empowering women on the importance of undisturbed birth and it’s direct relation to mom & baby’s health and well-being. I am also passionate about serving the community in all ways, and strive to educate wise woman care during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.

My other passions include caring for my two little girls at home, making music, teaching piano, drinking coffee, cooking, herbalism as a hobby, and enjoying the great outdoors.


My Philosophy, Beliefs, Education, and Training

Hi! My name is Alisha and I live in mission, in service, and in joy. My belief in birth is grounded in trusting the body’s intuition and protecting the sacred that is often lost amidst the science. I believe in birth happening organically, at the time it is intended to happen, in one’s own space and time. It is not a medical event, but a designed, physiological event. I am passionate about undisturbed, instinctual birth and trust the process and preservation of your birth plan. As a doula, I am called to protect your space to make you feel safe, trusted, and loved as you go on this journey.

I am trained in physiological birth from Indie Birth Association and Midwifery School, and also apprenticing with Duluth Midwife in the northern region of Minnesota. I have been in birth work since September 2017, and have attended 30+ births (and counting!). As a student midwife, I am often in the role of a doula and am confident in my current knowledge and individualized pain management techniques and support.

I honor the sacred design in every component in birth, postpartum healing, and placenta work.