Birth Doula

Natural birth encompasses feeling safe and undisturbed. It is individual and unique. It trusts the process of birth that you are designed to do.

As your doula I offer services unique to your natural birth plan in the hospital, birth center, or home. If you’d like more information on what I mean by “natural birth” set up an interview and we can chat about the vision for your birth. My job as a doula is to hold space for you and the birth of your baby and make sure all choices are informed decisions. I am YOUR person to encourage and nurture you through this process called birth.


This includes:

  • Emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support during your pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum

  • Providing educational resources throughout our time together

  • Helping you create your natural birth plan and vision

  • Aid in communicating the plan to your midwife or care provider

  • Attending 1-2 prenatal appointments with you (optional and recommended if you’d like me to meet your care provider)

  • Putting together the birth space

  • Available 24/7 on call from 37 weeks to labor and 2 weeks postpartum

  • Calling your midwife or care provider when in active labor or for providing updates

  • Supporting you from onset of labor to a few hours after birth

  • Making a plan for the postpartum sanctuary and putting it into action

  • Placenta services included

My doula services are $1,000.*

*If the fee is too much, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are wanting a natural, undisturbed birth. I would love to talk with you about our options.

Below are a few documents to look at or print out if interested!