Postpartum Doula

My birth and postpartum doula philosophy are similar. I trust your bodily intuitions and am called to protect your space to make you feel safe, trusted, and loved as you enter into this journey. The postpartum time often comes with new challenges, surprises, and bonding experiences. I desire to serve you in ways you didn’t know possible, and to help you achieve a sanctuary of rest, healing, warmth, joy, and a feeling of satisfaction being taken care of. A postpartum sanctuary period is a time for the mother to be mothered.

I am YOUR person to encourage and nurture you through this process called the postpartum.


This Includes (all custom options):

  • Emotional, physical, spiritual, and informational support during your postpartum

  • Providing educational resources throughout our time together

  • Processing your birth and opening up to the new energy of postpartum

  • Helping you create your postpartum sanctuary and vision

  • Putting together the postpartum, healing space

  • Aid in any breastfeeding or baby sleep education

  • Available 24/7 by phone from birth up to 2 weeks postpartum

  • One warming meal and nutritious snacks

  • Nourishing gift basket (tea, oils, bone broth, chocolate, herbs, etc.)

  • Healing herbal sitz bath or yoni steam (you pick)

  • Mother warming session (massage, belly binding, and/or cocoon)

  • Additional support such as household chores, laundry, or anything else you’d like me to do for you!

My postpartum support services are $100 for a consultation/planning session, and three hours maximum time in-home.* Know that this also includes the meal, snacks, gifts, and belly binding or massage. Any additional support you’d like I offer a $25 hourly rate going forward.** If interested in placenta services, smoothie, or encapsulation, it is not included in this plan and regular costs apply.

*If the fee is too much, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are wanting this type of postpartum support. I would love to talk with you about our options.

**If you live an extended distance from me (more than 1.5 hours away) extra gas costs will be added to invoice.

I highly recommend reading the book, “The Fourth Trimester” by Kimberly Ann Johnson for a postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, and restoring your vitality. There are some more fun ideas in the book you can add to my list of things to do for you.

Check out the documents below for more information or for your own planning purposes!